About game

If you enjoy playing fighting games, you should definitely try Super smash 3. This is a colorful and dynamic crossover entertainment with over 70 characters to choose from and fight against. Here you will find your favorite heroes, all Pokemons, Zelda, Mario, and many others. All of them have their own special moves and final smash, i.e. the superpower hit. And you don’t have to limit yourself sticking with just one of them; you can try a mode when you cannot use the same fighter more than once. This way you will try playing for all of them and find your favorite to use it as your primary hero to fight real players in tournaments and multiplayer regimes.
The entertainment offers more than a hundred fighting stages all in different locations. Besides, you can even change the locations during the match, turning on the Stage Morph regime.
You will have multiple options to customize, upgrade, and develop your character. We are talking about his or her appearance, features of the special moves and smashes, and equipment enhancing different stats. For a hard match, call for a backup from your allies called Assist Trophies who will quickly change the course of the fight.
Enjoy the fun alone or with your friends forming a squad and competing against an enemy squad or against each other. Or you can participate in a mob smash where many players fight together at the same time on the same stages. There are multiple fun options to diversify your experience and have a blast.

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