About game

Super smash 3ds is one of the games from the series. The fans should definitely walk it through. But even if you haven’t played any of these entertainments but love crossover fighting simulators, you should definitely try this one!
This digital entertainment offers you to choose from 40 playable characters each with their own final smash. You can try them all or choose your favorites and uncover their potential to the fullest.
Here are added new exclusive stages, new items to use in a fight, new Pokemons, and New Assist trophies. This means that you can restore your health, powers, stamina, or even improve your strength and other stats right in the match by collecting helping items popping up in the fighting arena. And if the fight is too difficult, you can use an assist trophy, an ally with special powers who will knock down your enemy and give you a good chance for a victory.
You can endless fun with multiple game modes: there is a single-player, multiplayer with or against your friends, against other players, multi-man smash, a fight of multiple characters in one arena at once. Besides, there are such fun entertainments as a home run, target blast contests, and others.
You can endlessly improve and customize your character. You can change his or her outfit, special moves, and equipment giving new powerful combos. Each special move has three alternatives to choose from. You can also choose how to adjust your hero stats – you can make him or her a brawler, a sword fighter, or a gunner. It will depend on the skills you choose to develop.
Climb, dodge, fight through a stage and pick up stat boost for 5 minutes. And of course, get ready for a face-off against the most powerful enemies in an epic finale. This vivid and dynamic game with your favorite characters will bring you hours of fun and entertainment, so hurry up and start your journey today!

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