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If you love fighting simulator games, Super smash bros 2 is just right for you! Choose your fighter from 74 popular game characters such as Zelda, all of the Pokémons, Mario, and many others and walk through all levels with one hero or try all of them in a mode where you cannot choose the same fighter twice. This is a fascinating, colorful, and dynamic experience in which you can try different fighting styles, combos, walkthrough regimens, play with your friends in co-op and against them or players from all around the world.
Besides multiple characters to choose from, each fighting match takes place in a new, one of a hundred, locations. Besides, you can switch from one location to another mid-fight with Stage Morph mode on. It is a fun feature that makes the fight more challenging but adds a lot of diversity and fun. All locations have floating stage platforms on which you fight your opponent. If you get kicked off the platform, you lose. But with special powers, for instance, Mario’s super jump, you can recover and continue the match.
During the fights, you can have multiple guest appearances of new characters and items summoned by you or your opponent. For instance, you can use a Pokeball to call for a backup from your favorite pokemon. Or, you can call a dragon, aircraft, or another ally. Besides, some items occur without your or your enemy’s efforts. But you need to hurry up to collect them before your foe and before they disappear. For instance, you can catch a smash ball that will enable you to crush your enemy with just one hit! You can also collect items to restore your powers, stamina, health, and so on.
In Super smash bros 2, you can play together with your friends forming a squad and fight against an enemy squad with the same number of players. Or you can participate in a mob smash, a crazy fight on the same stage with multiple fighters competing against each other. And to know who is the most skilled and powerful player, you can compete in tournaments with up to 32 participants from all over the world.
You can try setting different rules for the matches. For instance, set a time limit, stamina limit, or turn on a smash meter to identify the winner based on successful smash combos. And believe us, there a lot of breakneck combos to discover!
Try this online entertainment and invite your friends. If you enjoy dynamic and vivid crossover fighting games, you will have multiple hours of fun with this one.

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