About game

What can be better than a fighting simulator? A crossover game where you can fight multiple game heroes! Super smash flash 2 is a fun action entertainment you can enjoy with your friends playing in co-op or against each other. You can choose a hero from 47 available characters at the moment and more are coming. Each of them has their own superpowers that you can develop alternatively as you wish. You will fight also against the legends, for instance, Mario, Link, and Pikachu, and others.
Here you have unlimited options to customize your character by developing superpowers using three alternative lines of development, change his or her outfit, boost different stats, and enhance certain skills and powers by equipment.
Your goal is to win all encountered enemies and to do so – kick them off the screen. However, keep in mind that they can knock you out as well. By the way, you can recover with your special powers and so do they, but only if you or your foe manages to use the power quickly and at the right moment. For instance, if you play for Mario, you have a few seconds to use a super jump to get back on the platform and continue the match.
There are multiple colorful locations that change for every match so you won’t get bored. And of course, you can select to play for a single character, a few of your favorites, and fully uncover their development potential, or try all of the available fighters.
When playing alone, you can walk through in a classic mode defeating enemies and getting to the epic finale. Besides, you can participate in different events and mini-games in which you test particular skills and get rewards to upgrade and customize your fighter.

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