About game

All fans of fighting simulator games should try playing in Super smash flash. It is a dynamic and diverse online crossover game that you can enjoy alone or with your friends. You can select a fighter from multiple renowned game characters such as Mario, Link, Pikachu, and many others. Then customize their fighting skills, outfits, special powers, and equipment. You can make your hero unbeatable and compete with the most powerful players from all over the world in various tournaments. Or, if you enjoy playing with your friends, then make a squad and play shoulder to shoulder against enemies.
This online entertainment offers multiple locations, maps, so you won’t get bored. And of course, the emotions and experience drastically change when you play alone or with your pals. You can walk it through alone and then come back with your squad for a new portion of fun.
During each match, you can collect spawning helping items that can recover your health, powers, energy, and so on. Or, you can get lucky and pick up a smash ball that will strengthen all of your powers to the max so you could kill your enemy in just a couple of smashes! But hurry up to pick them up quickly – they disappear. Or, if you play against a real person, he or she can use the item instead of you and against you. But remember, that if you are facing a very powerful foe, you can call for a backup from assist trophies. They are allies that use their own special powers to help you win the match. They can be Pokemons, huge dragons, and so on.

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