About game

If you have been looking for a fun fighting game with many characters to chose from, you should try playing Super smash flash 2 unblocked. This is a crossover digital entertainment which means that here you can choose a fighter you are going to play for from multiple legendary heroes from the most renowned games. For instance, you can play for Pikachu, Mario, Link, and many others. And of course, your enemies will be as legendary.
To walk through, you have to fight hundreds of foes with your basic and special powers. With the progression of the story, you will have more options to develop, upgrade, and customize your fighter. You can become a bawler, gunner, or sword master. It all depends on what stats you choose to boost. Besides, each of the 47 available characters has their own superpowers and final smash.
Here you can also participate in different events, tournaments, and mini-games challenging certain skills. All of them are rewarded with bonus points that you can use to boost your hero and rare items.
Enjoy this fun entertainment alone or with your friends in a co-op. Alternatively, you can compete with your pals to find out who’s the most skilled, cool-looking, and boosted fighter.

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